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Mary Ellen Danuser

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About the Author

Mary Ellen Danuser served her country for twelve years in the US Army as a medical specialist and an army recruiter. She is a retired insurance professional and married to a wonderful man named John (Dakota)-a retired Marine officer and commercial pilot. She and her husband live in Colorado. They enjoy traveling, attending car races, dining out, going to outdoor jazz concerts, reading, walking, and sightseeing. She was born in Springfield, Illinois, and grew up in Vandalia, Missouri. She is a proud grandmother of two grandchildren, Cierra and Dominique, and mother of one daughter, Marko Christene. She started writing her book two plus years ago and eventually laid it aside. The beginning of 2014, she decided that it was time to complete the book and have it published to educate society why people choose to date and marry outside their race. What prompted her to start, write, and complete this book were the experiences that she and her husband encountered whenever they were out and about, regardless of where they were out and about. In her upcoming book, not only will she tell their story, but she has seized the opportunity to interview a various number and range of couples to share their stories as well. The couple's/individual's identity in my book will remain anonymous, but the stories are true-to-life experiences.

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